Friday, September 19, 2014

Accepting the now.

Sometimes I am really hard on myself. I think we all are at different times in our lives, or even at different times in our day. I am a major perfectionist and when things aren't exactly perfect, I tend to get really stressed out about them. This is especially true when it comes to my body image. I am one of the 3.6 billion girls bred in a society with very high standards. I'm not a stick thin model, and as ridiculous as it sounds, I still picture that as my "goal body" sometimes, even though the rational side of my brain knows that that body doesn't even exist in real life. As any normal human being does, I reflect on the past and try to learn from the mistakes I have made. Then I turn to the future and think about all of the changes I can make to reach my crazy goals. What about the now?

I am on a mission to start accepting the "now." Over the summer, even though I was running my ass off, I gained weight. It started to make me really unhappy. I was trying really hard to eat as healthy as possible, and people who know me in real life know that what I fuel my body with is hardly ever junk food. It has seemed the harder I have tried to lose weight, the more I lost the battle and gained more weight. It has been tough feeling so out of control, and I keep looking back to the past when I have had a thinner body, and felt better about myself. I realized I probably shouldn't be dwelling on the past because it's over, and I have to start accepting the now - whatever that may be.

In school, for one of my classes I am starting to work on a mini research project about body image. I have read far too many scientific papers that have found body image dissatisfaction in girls as young as 6. By the time girls enter middle school, most of them have tried dieting in some form, and even in elementary school, the majority of girls "desired a thinner body." It kind of made me sick. I thought about my childhood and I couldn't think of one time until the late years of high school that I struggled with my body image. Not one. I was always the confident girl, never the thinnest, but always healthy and happy and I can always remember my mom asking me where I got my confidence from and I would just smile. I played sports with the boys and I would go shopping for bikinis with the girls, and I never once questioned myself or how I looked. I was me, and I was ok with it… actually I was pretty damn happy about it. I really want that feeling back because somehow, in the midst of leaving my teenage years, I lost it!

If I were sitting with those groups of girls, that are 6, 7, 8 years old, those young young girls who are already unhappy with their bodies, I would want to tell them this:

It's probably not just the elementary school girls that need to hear it though :)

If you are ever looking through a magazine and starting to feel down on yourself, "Why can't my skin be that flawless?" "I am pretty sure my legs will never look like that," just check out THESE photoshop fails and it's really easy to see just how fake photos in the media are. In order to be a super model, you must have flawless genes. Not jeans… genes. When I see a photo of a really fit and thin girl and think, "Wow, I wish I looked like that," I would literally have to change my height, my bone structure, my heritage, and 99.9% of my other genes to get that look. Instead of getting sucked into images from the media, and heck even other bloggers out there, it's time I start accepting me for me, and who I am right now.

I promise the cheesy quote photos filled with birds and sunshine and love are almost done, but I also wanted to say that I am SO healthy right now. I'm not trying to be sarcastic, or narcissistic, or blunt, but sometimes I forget what is really important. I have a healthy body, I have a loving family and incredibly supportive relatives, friends, and readers, and I have a lot of really amazing things going on in my life. Don't let one drop of rain ruin that ginormous gorgeous rainbow (<-- I am going to become a motivational speaker guys.) 

I am going to try and accept myself for who I am right NOW. Not who I was a year ago, or two years ago. Not who I want to be in six months, but who I am at this very moment.  

I guess I should have warned you about how deep this post was going to be ;) It's been on my brain for a while so I finally wrote it. 

If you were in a room with a group of 7-year-olds who told you they were going to start dieting to be thinner, what would you tell them? (And then go write it on a Post-It note and put it on your mirror :) 

Tell me all of your plans for the weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I actually got up before school to run.

Yesterday I told you all about a day in my life, which I recorded on Tuesday. I mentioned there was usually a 0.3% chance that I would actually get up and run at 5:00 am when my alarm went off. Most Tuesdays and Thursdays I opt for sleep and just workout after school but today was not that day. I actually got up at 5:01, put on really inappropriate clothing, and went for a short run. 

I dressed in capris and a long sleeve shirt. Apparently it was hot outside. I was really sweaty. Get it right Alberta, yesterday it was 27 degrees, and last week it snowed. 

I ran a quick 3.1 miles (5K)… on really well lit streets, in places I knew, with my phone… so that the serial killers had less of a chance of killing me. I just ran however fast I wanted to and it ended up being a slight progression run, probably because it takes my legs a while to figure out they are running… especially when it is 5:00 in the morning. It was a pretty average run, at 8:32 min/mile. I did legs and back at the gym yesterday, plus a 7 mile run, so I can't complain.

I made sure to get my wall sit done as soon as I got home so I didn't forget. This daily wall sit challenge is really weird. One day the wall sit will feel SUPER hard and my legs are shaking by the end, then the next day it is super easy and I barely realize I am doing it, the next day it is really difficult again, and repeat. I am increasing the time by ~ 5-20 seconds each day so I think it should feel equally hard every day but that is just not the case. Today it felt easy. I checked Twitter on my phone and took selfies, so time on the wall flew by!

Last night before I went to work I baked a loaf of banana bread and made an apple and pear crisp for my brother and my Aunt, who is in town for a couple of nights. I made them because I am a super kind person, and not because I was avoiding analyzing health policies. Pears are in season right now I think because they are AMAZING. Giant, juicy, and so full of flavour - they made a great crisp. At least I think it was great because the pan was wiped clean when I got home from work ;)

As much as I hated leaving my cozy bed this morning, I am glad I did. I should have worn shorts and a tank, but I just imagined it being really cold outside and dressed for frosty weather… not the case. Next time. I tried to run my day before the day ran me :) Even a short run is still a run!

Did you run the day today or did you let the day run you?

Favourite summer dessert? There is a special place in my heart for apple crisp. There is also a special stomach for it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Day in the Life!

I kind of always love these posts when other bloggers do them, and obviously my life is really interesting and everyone is just constantly asking me, "Kris, what is a day in your life like?" So I thought I would respond to those constant requests and show you what my day looks like! I actually have a different schedule for work and school every day of the week so I randomly chose a Tuesday to show you. I didn't have a shift scheduled at my part-time job but I did have a full day of school!

On Tuesdays my alarm goes off at 4:45 am. 0.3% of the time I get up and get some exercise in before my early class. The other 99.7% of the time I reset it for 5:33 am. Once that alarm goes off, I press snooze exactly three times, get up at 6:00 and shower. Then it is my favourite part of the day… coffee-making time.

The baking that I did last weekend really helps early in the morning when I don't have too much time to make anything fancy for breakfast. I froze all of the muffins that I made so I just heat them up in the microwave and slather on some peanut butter, and enjoying a piece of fruit on the side. Yesterday I had a strawberry greek yogurt muffin with pb, and cantaloupe on the side.

My brother and I drove down to our commuter bus station. Just look for the one that says "University." I am pretty sure one of these days in a sleep-deprived state I will get on the wrong bus.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a great bus buddy. He brings his headphones… enough said.

Nutrition 100 class. I am auditing it so I get to learn tons of awesome facts about nutrition without the stress of exams. It is an 8am class, so I like to call it my "coffee-drinking class." I am trying my hardest not to spend money on coffee a lot this semester so I am trucking it in my tumbler every day. Last week a girl knocked it all over me… I was burnt, wet, and coffee-stained… fun times.

Once the class is over, I headed to my cubicle. Yes, there are elevators to the fourth floor but I have made it my mission this year to never take those elevators. 

I ate grapes while I edited a PowerPoint presentation that I am going to be presenting on Friday to my public health nutrition class. Promptly 46 minutes later I got bored and started taking selfies. 

I had a meeting with my supervisor at 11:00 am but I didn't take pictures of that because I am trying to keep my position in my program ;) I hope you all know what a subway looks like because I forgot to take pictures when I took the Edmonton LRT to my downtown qualitative research course. 

Glasses; so I can see the screen and so I look cool

After class I took the LRT back to the University and the bus back to the commuter bus station in St. Albert. Driving home it was 27'. A run outside was out of the question because I am not a fan of melting to death.

My brother and I got changed and hit up the gym. I ran 5 miles on the treadmill (8:26 min/mile), then did 15 minutes of intervals on the elliptical (2.5 minutes tempo; 30 seconds really hard, like moving-through-sand hard), and about 4 minutes of abs ;)

Plus, I also did my daily wall sit and PASSED 4 minutes! My quads were burning like mad.

When we got home from the gym I threw some tofu in the oven to bake, took a shower, and then cooked up some quinoa, zucchini, mushrooms, and peas. Quinoa tofu bowls are the best. Just a dash of soy sauce - delicious. Yes, we watched episodes of The Office while eating dinner.

We usually don't eat dinner that late so once we my brother had cleaned up, we were exhausted! Aaaaaand The Mindy Project was premiering so after I got some blog work done (like reading all of the comments you beautiful people write on my posts), we put our pajamas on and settled in with some hot chocolate to chill for the evening. 

That is what a somewhat-typical day in my life looks like! I mean most days I work out in the morning, before school, and half of the evenings during the week I work at my part-time job, but you get the jist. I hope all of you bloggers out there post a day in YOUR life because I love reading them!

What is your FAVOURITE part of the day?

Do you have the same routine every day or do you get to switch it up on different days of the week?