Thursday, October 23, 2014

Another day in the life!

I decided to do another day in the life posts, this time of my typical Wednesday. Last time I wrote one involving a busy day at school, this time I worked from home and then went to my actual job later in the day. I just love these posts. I tried to remember to take pictures of my entire day yesterday, and there are only a few gaps. Most of my day involved food so that makes up the majority of the photos. 

5:30 AM - My alarm went off.

5:42 AM - I actually got out of bed. 

6:23 AM - I was at the gym, on the elliptical, warming up for a run. I did 15 minutes elliptical, ran 4.0 miles, then cooled down with another 15 minutes of elliptical. I came home to do abs because I love using THIS video for my ab exercises. I did two rounds of the video, my daily push-ups, and some hip opener exercises. As an update on my October push-up challenge - I can now do 28 consecutive push-ups without losing form or pausing. I think that's about a 2% increase from when I started ;)

8:20 AM - Shower. 

8:32 AM - Contemplate putting on actual clothes like jeans.

8:33 AM - Put on spandex tights and a comfy shirt. I didn't bother doing my hair for another 7 hours because working from home means I lack all motivation to put effort into my outfit and hairstyle. Besides, air drying hair is better for it, right?

8:45 AM - Breakfast. My favourite time of the day. I am on an oatmeal (with egg whites cooked in) hot streak right now. I can't remember the last time I had something else for breakfast. I get an insta-chill after being sweaty at the gym and hot oatmeal is the only cure. I topped it with peanut butter, cut up some cantaloupe, and munched on a couple of grapes. I love reading other people's (YOURS) blogs when I am eating breakfast. 

9:50 AM - Coffee. Sometimes I have a cup of coffee with breakfast, sometimes I wait and have it mid-morning. Up until this point in the day I have been reading blogs, writing blog posts, replying to all of your wonderful comments, and perusing Twitter and Facebook. 

10:00 AM - I started to work on my school assignments, group projects, and reading nutrition papers. I usually have to set a limit for myself on how long I will do blog work and procrastinate academic work because otherwise I would blog all day. I had a few different assignments to work on so it kept me busy.

11:45 AM - I got hungry again. My morning snack consisted of plain 0% greek yogurt with pumpkin seeds and dates. I had made an emergency run to Safeway the night before to pick up dates because I was craving them. The combination of tart (yogurt), salty (seeds), and sweet (dates) is perfection.

1:30 PM - I continued to work on school projects and get ready for my next classes by reading the assigned journal articles and textbook chapters up until my stomach growled again and I threw some butternut squash in the oven. I watched an episode of FRIENDS (or three) while I made lunch. I also had a salad with tomatoes, snap peas, goat cheese, and a hard boiled egg. My butternut squash fries were cooked to perfection… crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. 

2:15 PM - I tried to get back into my school work. 

2:45 PM - I gave up on trying to get back into my school work. I decided to pack my dinner for work that evening. I cooked up a cup of couscous (the food so nice they names it twice!), made a little curry dish, and put the leftovers in the fridge. I used couscous as my base then added chickpeas, tomatoes, raisins, and curry powder. It was actually so delicious. 

3:30 PM - I hit up Starbucks (only to have an amazing friend drop my favourite Starbucks drink off for me at work! Double caffeinated!) on my way to work. I love my new vehicle, I just can't get enough of it!

4:00 PM  - I started my shift at work.

9:15 PM - I danced out of work because that shift just dragged. It was just over 5 hours but felt like 11. I cranked the radio on my way home and sang as loud as I could. 

9:30 PM - I repacked my lunch bag with my meals for tomorrow at school. I hate rushing in the morning to get my stuff together for the day so getting it done at night is a priority for me. Yes, that is a 10lb. bag of carrots in our refrigerator. 

10:03 PM - Crawled into bed. 

That is definitely a typical Wednesday for me. When school started in September I was committed to going into my office everyday and working there. Once I realized that I could get most everything I need to do done at home and I didn't have to commute 2 hours a day by bus when I did that, I decided Wednesdays were meant to be "work at home" days. I always work a shift at my part-time job on Wednesday evenings so it's nice not to have to rush home from school to get to work on time! I more than love quiet and relaxing mornings at home with unlimited coffee and a comfy place to do my school work :)

How was your Wednesday?

What was the BEST thing you ate yesterday?

Do you have the luxury of working from home ever?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A sibling run that didn't start with mashed potatoes.

I managed to make my brother forget the worst run of his life last week (aka. the mashed potato fuelled run) and convince him that it would be a good idea to go running with me again last night. I don't know how I did it but I think I have real magical powers. He actually said he didn't want to go for a run. Then he said he was only going to go for 2 or 3 miles. I was forced to lie to him about how far we had run so he had to stick it out for 4. I'm such a good sister. He was totally cool about it though.

It was actually a really great run. These October days filled with sunshine and a crisp air are AH-MAZING for running! We just ran out in the country and talked about the most random things. I told him we needed a post-run selfie but when I grabbed my phone he looked at me, "Oh, you were serious?"

Yes, I was serious. And all he wanted to do was watch the hockey game.

We ran a total of 4 miles together and then I wasn't quite ready to stop running so I continued on for a few more. Almost 7 miles and I thought I could keep running forever but my stomach was more than ready for dinner. The splits from the portion of my run with my brother show that we ran faster and faster - in other words, once Stuart figured out the Habs game had started, he ran faster to get home and watch it.

Seriously. This weather, though. Running on the paths lined with fallen leaves surrounded by yellow and orange? Yes please! This was the clearest picture I took. Heaven forbid I stop running to take a photo.

Either I fell down, or I was just running super fast.

When I got home it was almost 7 and I had finished my lunch and snacks early in the day at school so I was HUNGRY. I always get home from school ready for a snack but I knew I would be running, and as we learned from last week, eating RIGHT before running is just never a good idea. I made dinner super fast and ate it even faster. Garden carrots + hummus, goat cheese pesto pita pizza, and some grapes. 

Best part about my run today? (Besides getting to spend time with one of my favourite people of course), I actually ran the entire length of my run WITH MY HAIR IN A BUN! It's a miracle. It always falls out and I automatically put my hair in a ponytail to run but today I thought I would give my bun a chance and it worked! Woo!

Is it still decent running whether where you live?

What is the best run you have had in the last week?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

In case you were taking working out too seriously.

Sometimes we take exercise and working out way too seriously. And by "we," I mean me. It's not suppose to be serious, it's suppose to be fun and enjoyable… most of the time. So, in case you were taking exercise a little too seriously lately, or you just need a good Tuesday morning laugh… 

Source: Pinterest.

In completely non-related news, I spent way too much time on Pinterest yesterday when I should have been doing work ;) I got in an excellent treadmill workout yesterday morning that left me super sweaty and definitely warmed up for a leg strength circuit. 

10 minutes walking @ 10% incline.
1 mile run @ 8:34 (not at incline).
10 minutes walking @ 12% incline.
1 mile run @ 8:34 (not at incline).

That's it. Super simple, but great if you don't want to go for a boring treadmill run. It kept it interesting! I never use my hands to rest on the sides or on the front when I am walking on a treadmill because it really destroys your form. If you can't stay on the treadmill and feel forced to use the supportive railing, take it down a notch either incline or speed. It SHOULD feel like you are hiking up a mountain. Your legs are probably going to be burning;) After I did 30 minutes of legs, I headed to the pool for a 2000m swim. I used flippers for the first time and it was super fun! I will post more about those later this week! 

Remember: exercise should be fun, so don't take it too seriously.